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Reader Profile: Jack Emmerson

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Jack Emmerson

Hello my name is Jack! I am eight years old.

I like long walks and taking pictures with my camera, I also love riding my ponies, Jester and Scrumpy Jack. I love spending time with my ponies!

Jack on Scrumpy
Jack on Scrumpy

My favourite subject at school is maths. When I grow up I would like to be a Race Jockey.

I like the Joe books because they are about a boy like me.

By Jack Emmerson

Do horses mirror us?

In my latest trilogy The Horseshoe Trilogy a Romany lady called Nellie tells Joe that horses mirror our feelings. I often notice this when I’m with our horses. My niece Sophie was staying with us a couple of years ago. She got on very well with our Exmoor pony Gaia, who was then about one and a half years old. While she was playing with her in the barn one day I took these photos. It was only afterwards, when I looked at them closely, that I realised Gaia was mirroring Sophie’s expressions and body language. Fascinating!

Sophie and Gaia 1

Sophie and Gaia 2

Sophie and Gaia 3

Sophie and Gaia 4

Sophie and Gaia 5

Sophie and Gaia 6

Sophie and Gaia 7

Sophie and Gaia 8

Sophie and Gaia 9

Sophie and Gaia 10

Sophie and Gaia 11

Sophie and Gaia 12