DSCF0407Welcome to my website, where you’ll find information about me, my books and the horses, ponies, people  and places that have inspired my stories. There are also some free posters which you can download. Oh, and I can’t resist telling you a bit about our beautiful farm on Exmoor too!

You can now buy books from the Bookshop page of this website. Signed books make an ideal present, and books can be signed by me (the author) and my husband Chris (the illustrator).

Katy’s Ponies

My latest book Katy’s Pony Summer will be published by Orion on Thursday 5th May 2016. This is a brand new story about Katy, her Exmoor pony Trifle and their life on Exmoor, and it’s the fifth story in the Katy’s Ponies series.

Pony Summer

There’s going to be a Book Birthday Party in South Molton Library on Saturday 7th May, with a real live Exmoor pony from the Exmoor Pony Centre!

Katy's Pony Summer Book Launch in South Molton Library

The first four books are Katy’s Wild Foal, Katy’s Champion Pony, Katy’s Pony Surprise and Katy’s Pony Challenge.

And here’s some more wonderful news! I’m thrilled that Copperfox Model Horses has produced a model of Trifle, the Exmoor pony in my ‘Katy’s Ponies’ books!

Copperfox model of Trifle, the Exmoor pony in Victoria Eveleigh's books.


Lundy pony looking towards Jenny's Cove August 07

This photo is of a Lundy pony called Cirl Bunting. I took it on the island of Lundy several years ago, and it was on the wall beside me as I wrote my story about Cirl Bunting’s ancestor, Midnight, who was the herd stallion on the island during the 1950s. He was the inspiration for my book A Stallion Called Midnight (previously self-published as Midnight on Lundy). You can read about the real Midnight and some of the people who helped me write my story about him here.

Horseshoe Trilogy

All my books are for boys as well as girls, but in The Horseshoe Trilogy the main character is a boy because I think more horse and pony stories should have strong male characters in them. Pony stories should be for everyone who likes a good story, not exclusively for ‘pony mad’ girls. The horseshoe trilogy has several themes and storylines, like aikido, Pony Club mounted games, heavy horses and farriery.  You can  see a very special horseshoe being made here:

I’ve written nine books for Orion. They all have illustrations by my husband, Chris, and cover pictures by Angelo Rinaldi.

I enjoy visiting schools, attending author events in shops, taking part in festivals and giving interviews. Please see the Events page of this website for further details.

Riding my Clydesdale mare, Ruby, on the moorland above our farm.
My favourite thing: riding my Clydesdale mare, Ruby, on the moorland above our farm.

 I’d love to hear from you, so do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for this site.

Victoria Eveleigh

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katy wild foal front

katys champion pony front

katys pony surprise - final image

katys pony surprise - final image

Katys Pony Summer

Joe and the race to rescue

A stallion called MidnightJoe and the hidden horseshoeJoe and the lightning pony